Beyond Meat: Plant-Based Chicken


Beyond Meat: Plant-Based Chicken

Tenders: Crispy outside Juicy inside, convenient plant-based tenders. Perfect for game time, lunchtime, dinners or a delicious snack in between. Easy to prep like the nuggets you know and love.

Popcorn Chicken: Beyond Popcorn Chicken™ is the bite-sized favorite you and your friends can finally feel good about eating. With 14 grams of protein per serving and 50% less saturated fat*, this snacking staple is the perfect easy to share appetizer for any party or hang out. Enjoy in minutes via the air fryer.

Chicken Nuggets: Make mealtime easier and better for you with Beyond Chicken® Nuggets. With 14 grams of protein and easy to cook via the air fryer, these breaded nuggies are sure to be a mealtime favorite that satisfies kids and parents alike.

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