Fire Ox Foods: Frozen Veggie Bowls


Fire Ox Foods: Frozen Veggie Bowls

Our mission is to help people eat more vegetables, and we are particularly passionate about helping kids eat more veggies. We look forward to speaking with you to learn more about your needs and interests!

Bowls Available:

Mushroom Oat Risotto

Provencal Ratatouille

Braised Ethiopian Greens

Massaman Coconut Curry

Chipotle Red Bean Pozole


Available Locally In:

New England
New York

Ship Nationwide:


Additional Product Information:

Can distribute all along the east coast and potentially farther depending on the volume. We will set up a relationship with your distributor and figure out pricing for our entrees.

We carry 5 SKUS of frozen vegetable entrees that would be perfect for any K-12 program. They come packed in 5lb bags and can be served with rice or another grain or protein if desired.

We also make a line of Plant Sliders (1.5oz veggie burgers) that would be perfect for any institution looking to provide more vegan or GF options to their clientele.

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Contact: Zoe Geller

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