GroundPro Meatless LENTIL Crumbles


GroundPro Meatless LENTIL Crumbles

Federally Reimbursable Meat & Meat Alternative GroundPro LENTIL Crumbles

GroundPro‘s meaty flavor makes it ideal in recipes for school-age children, while its high fiber & high protein content promotes physical & mental growth.

GroundPro is not just allergen free (no soy, gluten, dairy, or nuts), but it’s also non-GMO, making it easy & healthy to incorporate in NSLP menus.  It’s produced using a patented process that preserves nutrients without producing high levels of acrylamide.

Furthermore, GroundPro is USDA Compliant for K-12 childcare programs and credits as a M/MA food item for children and adults.

We are confident that GroundPro is a perfect addition to any fresh meal prepared daily, in any kitchen.

Ingredients: Whole Lentils, Non-GMO Oil, Garlic, Onion, Salt, Spices & Yeast Extract

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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Product Features

Meal Component
Entrée Items
Food Types or Groups
Beans/Legumes, Breakfast Items, Crumble, Veggie Burgers, Plant-Based Meats
Meat Alternatives
Beef Alternative
Specialty Features
Creditable for K-12 Schools, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan/Plant-Based, Vegetarian
Common Allergens
No Common Allergens
Storage Requirements
Dry Storage/Shelf Stable
Currently Served In
Direct Distribution (contact company)
Product Availablity
Can accommodate special or large orders

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